The Gym Chronicles – Part 1 “Ispirare”

I joined a gym several weeks ago and for the month of September, I would like to share with you some observations about life at the gym.

Ispirare is Italian for inspire. It is a fun word to say, especially if you emphasize the last syllable . Issspiraaarrre…

Over the last several weeks I have found ispirare watching the old people at the gym. I will be one of those old people soon and with as much as my knees and back hurt all the time, I’m just hoping that I can walk around the block when I get to the age of the the guy I want to tell you about.

This guy instills ispirare.  Since I’ve been on this Soprano’s kick lately let’s describe this guy by saying that he looks like Uncle Junior with 15 more years on him. He comes dressed in tennis shoes, Fingerhut double-knit slacks, a long sleeve plaid shirt with snap buttons and a baseball style cap with a mesh back and “Fitzgerald’s” and a four-leaf clover on the front.

Uncle Junior works the treadmill. He walks a good pace for about 30 minutes and then on the bicycle for about 15. When he is completed with his cardio Uncle Junior heads over to the free weights area, takes the 2-pound weights and does some over the head lifts then leaves.

So many people his age would be sitting in an old folks home griping about how the world sucks, but ol’ Uncle Junior is getting out there.




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2 responses to “The Gym Chronicles – Part 1 “Ispirare”

  1. Robert Beggs

    A very nice read! Great gym comments. I just returned from a barge/bike trip riding the Seine River with Road Scholar (as usual). I hope that you, Pattie and the kids are all well. Do you ever hear from Rick? I rarely hear from Gina and her kids anymore — I think that she and Rick are going to sell their old house in El Cerrito soon. Will Rick be living with you? I admire the work you’ve been doing in Kenya – you’ve been at it a long time. Congratulations!! I’m still volunteering at Kaiser Hosp. Oakland and serve on the Oakland Head Start Board of Directors. I still have my nice silver Lexus SC 430 but spend more time on my bike riding to my gym in Emeryville especially since the weather is so nice. Your friend, Bob Beggs

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