The Gym Chronicles – Part 5 “Body Art”

There is no doubt that body art, formally known as tattoos are the in thing and they are certainly on display at the gym. The ancient art of permanent  body decoration is practiced today by 18 year olds and those well into their 50’s and beyond. With new tools, techniques and better inks the art seems to be holding up much better than in the old days. Even fairly new tat’s on old wrinkly skin seem to hold up well.

There are some tattoo’s and some placement of tattoo’s that I just don’t understand. This is because in most cases tat’s are a  personal statement. I respect that. I just have a difficult time figuring out why someone needs a crazed, screaming clown ink’ed on their arm or words tattoo’ed across their bald head. I do admit that I enjoy the female “Tramp Stamp” especially when the lady positions her workout shorts low and her sports top high to make sure everyone is privileged enough to have a peak.

I have five tattoos. Three that are easy to see at the gym and two that are not. The availability of my tat’s has nothing to do with the strategic placing of my gym shorts. The easy three are on my legs under my knees and the other two are on my upper arm. If I wear a sleeveless shirt, you can see them.

One in particular seems to garner the most conversation and it bothers me. On the outside of my left calf, I have a German eagle with the German colors of black, red and yellow. I had it done to commemorate my son’s three trips to Germany to play soccer. I constantly am asked, “Is that German?” and after I answer, it is always followed by the asker shaking his head in the positive with a smart ass grin.  The problem is that it is alway the big dumbass looking guy with a bald head and a crazed, screaming clown tattoo’ed on his head and some word etched on his neck. Are these guys happy that they remembered where Germany is located? Or do they actually believe that I am a neo-Nazi? Or am I just to sensitive?

I think I will just keep my eye on that lady in front of me on the treadmill with the “Tramp Stamp.”

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