The Gym Chronicles – Part 6 “You Should See The Women’s Locker room”

The response to this series of posts has been fantastic! Thank you so much.  There have been a few comments directly to the series and there have been many comments sent via email.  Here are a few of the more notable.

To “Butt, Sweat and Tears” a reader commented that I should see the women in the women’s locker room standing in front of the mirror fixing their make up and tossing their heads from side to side to see how their hair will look when it gets tossed about. Another reader said that I should see the number of women who walk around the women’s locker room bare breasted with just a towel wrapped around their waist. I would love to see all that except that I don’t think I would be allowed in the women’s locker room! (During my very first work out in my gym I did, on accident, walk into the women’s locker room but only saw a fully clothed older woman talking on a cell phone.)

In “6-Pack vs. The Keg,” a reader wondered if when said that my wife asked where was my tap,  if I was using the word “tap” as euphemism for something else. It never crossed my mind but after rereading the post again, I thought that if I had planned that phrase in a different context it would have been rather funny.

And finally it’s hard to believe how many people have commented that THEY should go to the gym. all I have to say is, get off your a** and go. Invest a little time each day to your health.

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