The Gym Chronicles – Part 7 “10 Random Thoughts”

Running is a great exercise when you can achieve “The Zone.” The Zone is a place where your breathing works in rhythm with your own body motions, and loose track of time and all kind of random thoughts will pop into your mind.

Here are my 10 random gym thoughts from today’s time on the treadmill.

1) Local youth soccer started today. Excellent, there are no Soccer Moms here today.

2) Dude, why are you wearing those spandex shorts? You are in dire need of a well placed sock.

3) My lengthy date with Johnny Walker last night is not helping me this morning.

4) Can’t decide if the sweat marks under women’s breasts are sexy or not.

5) There are a lot of guys here that just love to stand in front of the mirror and look at themselves.

6) Dude, you gotta trim that back hair that is growing up and over the back of your t-shirt.

7) The Men’s locker room has those water-less urinals. Who has to remove the filter?

8) How can that lady work the elliptical and read a book at the same time?

9) Tip, never put non waterproof mascara on before you go to the gym.


10) Yes, those sweat marks under women’s breasts are sexy.

Have a great weekend.


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