The Gym Chronicles – Part 8 “The Saran Wrap Man”

First I have to say that my gym has a great way to keep customers. On Monday nights, they serve free pizza. I thought that while we were trying to stay in shape and lose weight we should not eat pizza. It’s kind of like the dentist that tells his patients to eat lots of candy and drink lots of sugar drinks…

Tonight I was lifting weights and there was this guy with a fairly large belly. When he lifted the weight bar above his head, his shirt would lift and I could see his belly. His bell was wrapped in Saran wrap. It was all sweaty and well just plain gross. 

I had to ask. “Hey man, what’s up with the plastic wrap around your mid section?” 

“I wanna lose some weight around my waist so I’m makin it sweat more.” Well, it sure made him sweat more.

On my way out of the gym Saran wrap man was eating pizza.



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