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The Winston Week – #7 The Majority and The Truth

Note: The Winston Week, is an attempt by me to provide comment and the 3-5 best thoughts and links which I have come across during the week. I am an unabashed Churchillian, but will try and keep to the facts. Many times facts are hard to swallow, but in the end, provide nourishment for the soul.

Christopher Kaczor, in, wrote an article titled: Lessons from Churchill’s Walk With Destiny. Many of us Churchillians have read and learned many lessons from Winston; I appreciated the brief description of the top lessons Kaczor provides.

One of these lessons stopped me in my tracks: “The majority does not determine the truth.” Those six words are profound. The example Kaczor uses is the appeasement of Hitler before the war.

I spent an hour or so smoking a Romeo y Juliette Churchill contemplating these six words. It could be that in America; the founding fathers used this same principle when developing the electoral college.

Groupthink, appeasement, identity politics are based on the majority determines the truth. In school, we were taught that the majority rules; it’s the basis of democracy. Right? That is what our teachers said. There is a huge difference between majority rules, ad the majority does not determine the truth.

In the new management styles that are taught in the corporate environments today, which I believe were devised to placate the millennium generation are based on consensus, how do you feel about this? But what now rings in my head is the majority does not determine the truth. That does not mean one should lead by dictatorship as all input must be considered. Leadership is a difficult and dirty job sometimes. How many failures have you seen when groupthink is applied, or the truth is rather inconvenient thus ignored. (Not to be confused with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Which is about as far from the truth as one can travel.)

In government today here in the USA and in Great Britain, we struggle exactly with this concept mainly because facts are ignored, or one operates under an alternate truth. Example: yes, the climate is changing. No, the world will not come to an end in twelve years as the Green New Deal suggests. The wall will keep illegal’s out. No, the wall won’t. The truth is, in this case, immigration reform and politician’s willingness to enforce it. Many will believe that I am wrong on both counts. But there is only one truth, and the majority will not decide what that truth is.

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