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What We Have Learn From Covid

(Please note that all stats are provided by the Mayo Clinic, Statista, and the CDC. Data used was collected through November 2022) 

We found out that the United States government is ill-equipped to make the proper decisions during a pandemic.  

It is impossible to determine how many people died from Covid because hospitals and healthcare providers were monetarily incentivized to report all deaths as Covid as the cause.  

With Covid, the demographics are clear, children 17 years and younger made up 0.1% of all US Covid deaths although we forced vaccines and masks upon that population. Kids generally did not get Covid, and when they did, the cases were mild or non-detectable. The cost was high in terms of children falling at least 2 years behind in their education, but mental health issues, teen suicide, and violence all increased during 2021 and 2022. The CDC and the WHO both draw this conclusion based on hard evidence.  

We saw how easily people can be controlled and how quickly they were willing to give up their individual freedoms on the whim of the government. In California and in other states, we saw how our elected officials ignored their own rules and attended activities without mandated masks and gatherings that were considered Covid super spreaders. How ignorant have the American people become? 

After yo-yo-ing back and forth between rolling back restrictions and then bringing them back, Dr. Fauci decided that there was no reason to worry about Covid. The President himself declared the Covid pandemic over, although doctors and scientists said, no it is not. 

Covid vaccines will now be made mandatory with the standard vaccines for children to enter school. California is now writing the law. Since 71% of deaths occurred in the 50 and over age bracket, maybe vaccinations should be considered on entering that age bracket. In my opinion, they should not be given to children 17 and younger, which I stated above, make up 0.1% of all deaths from Covid.  

For nearly 2.5 years we were told to mask up, only to find out at the end that the only masks that were useful were N95, KN96, and triple fold surgical masks, the other masks may have contributed to increases of Covid cases because those masks that gave minimal protection gave a false sense of security. So much for putting trust in your government.  

Here are the stats: 

333,000,000 people in the United States as of the last census 

Total Covid deaths: 1,065,726 = 0.3% people died of Covid. 

Breakdown by age groups – Deaths – Covid Cases /Covid Deaths Total Population 

0-17 0.1% 0.0004% 

18-29 0.6% 0.0019% 

30-39 1.7% 0.0057% 

40-49 4.2% 0.013% 

50-64 18.3% 0.059% 

65-74 22.7% 0.073% 

75 Up 52.2% 0.16% 

We should not take this lightly, within certain age brackets, Covid can be a contributing killer. At the end of the day, we all have the right over our own bodies and what we put in them.  

As a disclosure, I have had all Covid booster shots. I was not forced; it was my choice. I am over 60 😊 

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