The Winston Week – #2 Churchill, Moral Courage and Guilt From The Left.

Note: The Winston Week, is an attempt by me to provide comment and the 3-5 best thoughts and links which I have come across during the week. I am an unabashed Churchillian, but will try and keep to the facts. Many times facts are hard to swallow, but in the end provide nourishment for the soul.

Wednesday of last week I had the opportunity to attend Hillsdale College’s National Leadership Conference in Orange County, California. The main draw for me was the keynote speaker Andrew Roberts who presented his thoughts on the importance of Churchill today. Roberts included strong comments about John McDonnell, whom I referenced last week.

The attack of the left on Churchill is an example of the white guilt that is being pushed upon all of us. This movement, perpetrated by the left, demands that if you were white and powerful in our country’s past, you must somehow be an awful person today and if you are a white male today, you must feel overwhelming guilt about that past. Today witness we the destruction and defacing of statues and monuments that, should be left in place to remind us of our history. Life is a learning and evolutionary exercise. As we live we learn. History is our foundation for a better future.

This brings me to Robert’s speech: “The importance of Churchill for Today.” Roberts spoke of Churchill’s moral courage, ability to see into the future, based on the experiences of his past. Many people see Churchill as an iron-fisted conservative, but he was the father of many British social reforms that are still in place today. Churchill understood Disraeli’s Tory Democracy and applied it where he could. Free trade, free markets, and a safety net for those who truly needed help.

In the United States, a socialist movement is well underway, driven by those who have no understanding or education on how centralized government control of people’s lives has failed in every attempt. Socialism, central government control and the dumbing down of the people are just a few of the reasons why Churchill was so unique; he understood that there needed to be some balance without undercutting one’s values.
Here are my top articles and links for the past week.

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McDonnell – More Dangerious Than Corbyn – Andrew Roberts

Tributes to Churchill: What They Said Back Then – Posted by Richard Langworth

Did Fleming Twice Save Churchill’s Life posted on ICS website

Audacity Is The Only Ticket – Winston Paints



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