The Gym Chronicles – Part 2 “Things That Don’t Match”

About 4 days a week there is this woman who comes to the gym. She is usually there before I arrive. Her outfit is always the same. Black exercise pants, black sweatshirt type top, no make up. I would say she was 55. She looks a lot like the wife of coffin salesman I used to know.

I’m encouraged by the way she looks. She has a large rear end and no makeup. I like to see this in the gym. (I will write about the tight little butts and full make up later.) It’s a kind of a what you see is what you get look. Up until this day I have seen her either on the elliptical riding next to a tall 40ish bald guy wearing a hat, (I don’t understand why bald guys were a hat at the gym. I think one should embrace their baldness. But then again I have hair.)  or sitting at a table in the lobby area.

Coffin Wife is working very hard today. She is one of the few people at this gym that will actually look you in the eye and smile when she sees you. Yes, she is on the make. What’s that song…”Only the Lonely….” So she works up a good sweat then gets off the elliptical and goes outside and smokes a cigarette! Then, comes back inside and gets right back up on the elliptical!

REALLY! – Smokes a cigarette?

My experience is the cigarette always wins.

-Next: Butt, Sweat and Tears

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